Hooper - What is Bimodal IT & Why It Matters To You
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Bimodal IT & Why It Matters To You


IT needs for organisations has become more urgent in recent years as companies scramble to adapt to a digital economy, i.e., an economy driven by technologies that help bridge the physical and virtual worlds, such as cloud, mobile, internet of things (IoT) and virtual reality.

No-Code Platform, What can be built?


So’ve you’ve almost learned about the benefits of No-Code platforms and understood what is the clear differentiation between Low-Code and No-Code. The next logical question should be asked is what can you build with a No-Code platform? The fundamental thing to remember is that No-Code is not only meant for support dealing with uncertainties of digital […]

Difference between Low-Code & No-Code Platforms


The most common question raised in terms of Low-Code & No-Code platforms is what is the difference between the two? Although they aim for the same goal, to bring speed for the business in go-to-market approach. Still, there are some differences which leadership should clearly understand before taking decision to go ahead with any.  Hooper […]