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Hooper is a no-code, fully customizable platform which allows you to quickly design Bimodal IT solutions that can adapt to the dynamic needs of your organization.

"BiModal IT is gonna be the future of Enterprise."
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Business-First Technology that helps you do more, faster

Hooper helps you execute strategies and processes quickly by enabling you to design workflows with a drag & drop based visual designer, it's super easy to add teams and integrate with your existing ERP system for frictionless functioning.

Whether it's creating a complex sales management system or a simple visitor registration portal, with Hooper you can create solutions which are tailored to you.

What you can do

Hooper’s flexible nature means that the possibilities are endless. Your organisation is unique, as are the challenges it faces. Unlike conventional one-size-fits-all solutions, Hooper empowers you to provide solutions tailored to your processes and challenges.

Hooper is a visual development based platform - anyone can create apps and solutions without having to write code. Give the teams to create their own tools with a easy drag & drop based interface. Cut short your implementation time from months to few days.
Quickly onboard and enable people on to your apps with invite based Onboarding me and highly customisable privilege control system. Control what people see and interact with on field to filed basis.
Created powerful custom rules with no code. Trigger automatic notifications, task, events or flow data between two services. Custom workflows gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to truly create a solution which is personalised for you.
Gain the speed and flexibility of Hooper without losing onto the Strength and robustness of your existing ERP. Use web hooks and data flow connectors to orchestrate data across your systems.
Hooper has everything you need to build and deploy apps incredibly fast. Club together a few services and deploy a custom application onto the app stores within 48 hours.
Accelerate the development process with 20+ ready-to-use power ups with full customization. Capture location or an image. Add payments and create automatic invoicing or scan QR codes, power ups allows you to create your own processes and get thing done.




From order management to inventory to delivery management, ensure that every process is in sync, always.

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Drive value with agile, interconnected workflows in your retail ecosystem. Hooper helps retail processes get smoother, whether it's an everyday task, inventory audit, or a even a pricing restructure.

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Automate core processes with ease and increase accountability with Hooper. Increase engagement with employees and customers at every meaningful touchpoint across the supply chain.

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Cut the paperwork out of the equation and make compliance simple. Hooper helps healthcare teams focus on providing the best possible care by handling the admin work.

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