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Create, manage and automate all retail operations in a single platform.

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The Challenge

With larger segments of their consumer base going online, retailers can use mobile-first solutions to build customer-centric models and drive value. However, to bring their assets - teams, technologies and products - together in the digital space can be a challenge. This can be due to the slow movement of their existing systems as well as the influx of new, innovative strategies to increase growth.

The Solution

Hooper helps retailers thread their assets together and create workflows to ensure that business moves faster. Business developers can also implement new initiatives with the customer at their centre.

Products and benefits

Process Automation

Hooper helps automate boring, repetitive tasks in the retail value chain, like notifying when inventory is below a threshold or when a product launch needs to take place.

Real-Time Insights

Decision-makers need data that makes sense to take the right call. When they receive intelligent insights across the board - be it for support management or customer behaviour, decisions are made better and easier.


Retailers use specialised hardware everywhere. Their billing is on POS’, their product cataloging is done via barcodes, and so on. Hooper integrates with all these ensuring that they’re equipped with tomorrow’s technologies, like IoT, to grow.

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