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Hooper accelerates business by allowing you to design tailored solutions to tackle your unique business challenges, so that you can focus on what matters - providing rich experiences to your customers. By helping you quickly deploy processes and help your teams realise their full potential, Hooper enables you drive value across your enterprise.

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​​​​​​Visual Development

Translate ideas into solutions in a few taps. Create apps easily and visually, without writing any code. This means that your business developers, stakeholders and IT teams can work together to create solutions for your enterprise.

Hooper’s easy drag-and-drop mechanism allows for rapid solution delivery by eliminating silos and enabling agile development. This ensures that outcomes always meet requirements. You can also create rule-based actions and automate processes through a few simple taps on Hooper’s rich UI.

Whether it’s a business user bringing a new app idea to life or a developer doing the legwork on an existing solution on top of your core systems of record, Hooper makes it simple to work together and build solutions visually.


Collaboration is the cornerstone for teams to do impactful work. By ensuring that everyone’s always in the loop, teams can work faster and better.

Hooper helps everyone stay on the same page by through updates, alerts and reminders. This means that everyone’s on top of their action items, always.

Hooper’s privilege controls also ensure that users always individual, yet collaborative. They see what they need to see so that they’re always in the context of their process. This helps teams cut through the noise and do meaningful work. Workflows, tasks and reminders help teams complete their deliverables in time - increasing operational efficiency and decreasing redundancies.

​​​​Automated Workflows

Weave people and processes into one cohesive workflow. Through notifications, tasks, and app-to-app connectors, make sure that data’s always flowing and work is always moving. Whether you are managing approvals, orders, or issues, ensure that each step of your important process happens in the right order, every single time.

With Hooper, you can create powerful business rules with ease, to perform actions in response to changes or based on a schedule. You can add, update, delete and move these workflows around automatically.

Workflow automation can drive value by reducing resource time wastage on repetitive, manual tasks and as well as eliminating any scope for human error, freeing up teams to focus on important work.


​​​​With Hooper, you control everything - from your processes to who gets to see what. The workflows, forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other such functionalities are building blocks that you can add and configure to align to your unique business processes. You can even build your own apps from scratch if you like, or pick up from the library of templates to decrease time and effort.

This level of flexibility allows you to build everything in line with the way your business moves - so that you don’t have to worry about changing things.

​​​​Rapid Apps

Create Rapid Apps with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to address a variety of business challenges. It takes 3 simple steps: Design, Build, Deploy. And since Hooper works across your company, a single solution can span multiple teams - be it asset management, sales process management, HR or processes specific to your company.

Rapid Apps allow you to build process-specific or team-specific solutions that harness the power of mobile to enable your teams, no matter where they are. Field operations become smoother and work in real-time, approvals become a breeze, and workflows gain a higher degree of dynamism.

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