From material procurement to logistics management, Hooper helps you control, run and manage your manufacturing efforts.

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The Challenge

Manufacturing companies have a unique opportunity to digitally transform their operations at every step of the value chain. While some manufacturers are relying on spreadsheets, others are feeling the weight of fragmented legacy systems, impeding IT teams’ efforts to implement new technologies.

The Solution

With Hooper, manufacturing companies are empowered not only to go digital, but to go mobile as well - thus ensuring efficiency from the ground up. Hooper’s friendly data connectors plug into their existing systems and create a layer of technology that’s deployed easily and scales quickly. This means everyone - from factory operations to customer success teams - are able to do more, faster.

Products and benefits

End-to-End Enablement

Hooper enables a set of connected apps to run ops all the way from R&D to production to sales. This allows enterprises to get a comprehensive picture of their business cycles at every step.

Minimize Redundancy, Maximize Growth

When everyone’s on the same page, efficiency soars. Hooper drives this by creating smooth, connected workflows where data flows seamlessly and operational redundancies are significantly reduced.

Process Automation

Manual, repeatable processes are automated to allow teams to focus on their core operations, while Hooper does the legwork.

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