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Logistics companies face can harness technology to manage fluctuations in the supply chain and maximize asset utilization, especially with digital devices getting more popular.

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The Challenge

Customers and employees expect up-to-date information and they expect to access that information anywhere. To keep pace with the market, organizations need to provide a range of new solutions that enable greater transparency and efficiency within their teams.

The Solution

Using Hooper, you can bring new propositions to market in just weeks, fast-tracking product innovation that plugs into your legacy systems. Rapidly deliver solutions that better address your customers. Test new ideas that leverage IoT, analytics. Upon validation, easily create and connect more solutions to your now digital value-chain.

Products and benefits

End-to-End Enablement

Hooper enables a set of connected apps to run ops all the way from R&D to production to sales. This allows enterprises to get a comprehensive picture of their business cycles at every step.

Minimize Redundancy, Maximize Growth

When everyone’s on the same page, efficiency soars. Hooper drives this by creating smooth, connected workflows where data flows seamlessly and operational redundancies are significantly reduced.

Process Automation

Manual, repeatable processes are automated to allow teams to focus on their core operations, while Hooper does the legwork.

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