Visual Development

Hooper's service studio lets you create your own rich services and apps in minutes, without requiring code or IT assistance.

Drag-and-Drop your way to Digital Transformation

With Hooper, you control how your services and apps work. Pick from a library of form fields to do everything - from storing data, to sharing rich media - even taking payments and digital signatures.

Simply drag-and-drop from the library building blocks - complete with forms, workflows, reports, dashboards- and create your own services that align your unique business processes.

By enabling app configurations visually and without code, optimization becomes easy too. Modify your existing services with a few clicks, letting your processes evolve over time.

Workflows that align to Your Unique Processes

Create sophisticated rules to automate your processes. This includes everything from automatic task creation and management to sending timely, tailored notifications that help streamline your processes.

Connect two services with their own, independent workflows; and enable your teams to share information across processes. For example, accounting teams can share payment related information to delivery teams on the field, enabling them on put unpaid orders on-hold if necessary. This helps bridge various processes and teams into a centralized business ecosystem.

Give Your Teams the Right Context

User Perspectives are a way of controlling what users or teams see in a particular service. Managing who sees what is simple - just pick the perspective, add or remove teams or users within it and you’re good to go.

Control field by field rights of user to either only read, or edit. All of these can be managed on-the-fly, from your mobile device.

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