Support Ticket Management

Build better customer relationships by giving your support teams the right data, at the right time.

Help Your Support Teams Work Together

Give your support teams access to relevant customer info along with support tickets and enable them to resolve issues faster.

Configure your unique processes on Hooper’s Service Studio, along with custom dashboards that give you a top-down approach.

Enable support staff and field reps to collaborate, by giving them access to data on their phones when they’re on-the-go, and by bringing relevant information for that ticket from other staff as they work on it.

Back-office staff and field reps can collaborate, by handling support tickets from their mobile devices or tabs. For example, if a back-office support staff creates a request to dispatch a field rep, a task is created for a field rep. He can then act on it by going to the customer and updating the ticket with relevant information.

Allow support staff to escalate complaints to relevant departments while retaining ownership over the support ticket.

Create Support Workflows

Workflows help reduce manual work - Hooper automatically assigns, reminds, escalates to and notifies relevant staff when support tickets come in, along with tasks and notifications.

This helps support teams focus on resolving tickets and customer issues.

Hooper also prompts customer service actions through smart forms, tasks, location-based services.

Consolidate, Track and Manage All Support Tickets

API integrations to your apps and services allow you to centralize all support tickets on Hooper. No more disconnected systems.

Configure easy-to-use rules for assigning tickets to staff or do it yourself, as and when you need.

Resolve tickets faster through mobile-oriented features. For example, call customers right from where you open the support ticket, or receive reminder push notifications on your phone; or even give your field operatives location-aware services that enable them to reach customers easily and add assets to the ticket to help asses the situation.

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