Order Management

Manage orders - from order creation to fulfilment, across departments and teams - through independent, yet connected processes. This allows various teams to do their bit in fulfilling a particular order, together.

Make the order lifecycle transparent, audit-friendly and collaborative.

Our order management cycle gives you real-time insights so you can see any aspect of project progress without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email.

View orders at-a-glance or dive into the details. Make informed decisions and easily share data with a few clicks.

Hooper uses automated notifications, reminders, and reports that help keep everyone and everything on track. Get a clear view of action items and milestones. Spot issues and obstacles before they even occur. All this visibility helps you and your team stay on course to meet delivery deadlines and drive better outcomes.

Multiple teams, one workplace

By using apps and services that trigger workflows and prompt teams to do their bit, teams can work together to ensure orders are fulfilled on time, always. For example, once the sales team turns a lead into a customer, an order is automatically created, the order manager is assigned, and a sample quotation is created and pushed to the accounts team to make further changes. This happens through the order management flow and can be configured to align to your unique order management process.

This kind of request-and-response based workflow helps teams work better together.

With every team, the staff sees only what they need to see. For example, the accounts team doesn’t need to see the sales pipeline, whereas the delivery team doesn’t need to see the accounting processes. This is a collaborative, yet individual approach and ensures that anything that anyone sees is always in their context.

The roles and controls extended to each user can be changed on the fly, thereby creating a powerful role-based access control system.

Dashboards and Reporting

At any point, get real-time information as to how you’re doing.

Set KPIs that matter to you - our configurable dashboards help you stay on top of your progress. Measure your processes with your metrics.

Make data-driven decisions and make process changes in minutes. On Hooper, you can make changes to your services and apps quickly. This means A/B testing of workflows is a matter of imagining them. And since all your dashboards and reports adapt dynamically, you can allow your process to keep evolving.

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