Delivery & Logistics Management

Help streamline your logistics processes through a cloud-based, mobile first solution. Hooper allows your teams to work together, on-the-go, and manage a variety of processes from order management to stock allocation.

Asset Management and Tracking

Replace error-prone email, phone calls, and spreadsheet-based asset management or improve those clunky, outdated legacy systems with a single, always-available database that you can access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Reduce costs and risk with insight into leases, maintenance, asset needs, safety records, etc.

Make better purchasing decisions by always getting stats on asset utilisation and by being notified when you’re running low.

Delivery Process Management

Create delivery workflows that make it easy for your teams to work together.

Automated notifications, rule-based based delivery assignments and having all delivery related info in one place on their phones while on the field help delivery teams work faster and move more product.

Automated invoicing and scheduled reminders reduce manual work for teams so that they can ensure that deliveries are out on time.

Notifications also go out to customers at every touch-point in the delivery process, across shipping locations, until the delivery is complete.

Track, Consolidate, Get Insights

With Hooper, a wide variety of delivery and logistics usecases can be achieved, be it stock management, asset tracking, procurement

By consolidating all this info on the same platform, you can get insights into your processes and teams.

Quickly configure dashboards and create reports that give you a complete understanding of how your processes and teams are moving, across the value-chain

This gives you the ability to make data-driven, educated decisions.

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