Enable your teams to work together while staying on top of their own action items. With Hooper, teams become individual, yet collaborative.

Make on-boarding a breeze

Inviting your teams is a few taps away. Just give Hooper the contact info and it’ll handle the rest. You can also control what services they need to be involved in, so that they’ll see only what they need to see.

Once they accept the invite and sign in, users and teams are automatically greeted with services that they have access to; within their role.

For example, accounting teams can have access to the order management service, but they can only see payment-related fields and information. In this way, creating context through relevant data helps teams work better by cutting through the clutter.

Events and Tasks

Manage action items and to-do lists with Hooper’s task management engine. With it, you can quickly understand and manage what you have on your plate. If a task has been created automatically for you, a single tap allows you to view the context of this task and related details. Create, manage, re-assign or close your way into efficiency.

Events are a quick and easy way of setting up meetings of any kind - internal, client or even deliveries (and everything in between). You can further invite people who can RSVP and receive reminders before the event.

Tasks and events are nothing new - like us, you’ve been using to-do list apps and email events for a while now - but integrating them into your workflow helps you do more, faster.

User Perspectives: Context and Control

Enable your teams to work on various processes, where they interact with data relevant only to their role.

For example, sales teams may need to interact with various processes, whether it’s being aware of their client payments from the accounting process or if their client’s support ticket is resolved. You can control what statuses they can view and update in each of these processes in a few taps, simultaneously creating context and controlling data security within your organization.

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