Workflow Automation

Bring people and data together to create workflows that drive your process with efficiency and accountability.

Business logic: Easy setup, easier use

Create workflows to cut repetitive manual work out of your processes. You can quickly create your business rules on Hooper for any event and any action - be it a new transaction creation, an update or a scheduled reminder before a meeting.

Creating rules brings together people and information. For example, you can ensure that your customers are always in the loop about their support ticket’s status by sending a customized notification at every point in the support lifecycle.

Automatically create tasks, events and notifications upon various events, based on predefined conditions. These can be simple, status-based conditions; or sophisticated, nested conditions depending on your unique processes.

Share information across teams and processes

Within a service, you can create a multitude of rules that align to your business logic. But beyond that, you can also share data across services.

Connect two services with their own, independent workflows; and enable your teams to share information across processes. For example, accounting teams can share payment related information to delivery teams on the field, enabling them on put unpaid orders on-hold if necessary. This helps bridge various processes and teams into a centralized business ecosystem.

This means that you can also create transactions from one service into another, or update or receive parts of relevant data from multiple services.

Integrate with your current systems

Hooper’s friendly APIs plug in to your existing systems to ensure that data flows across your organization seamlessly.

Using dynamic data flow connectors, data can be pulled or pushed via Hooper into your current implementations.

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