Rent a Desk (RAD)

Rent a Desk (RAD) is one of kind a coworking space with over 300 seats and 4 locations in prime areas of Hyderabad and Mumbai. It caters to customers with needs for long term office space and also serves clients who would like to use the office resources for hours. Rent a Desk wanted to create environment that allows them to encourage collaboration amongst its clients. As the company grew they found a need for a digital platform that can improve and elevate their client experience. Rent a Desk chose Hooper Ace, which is a cloud enabled mobile consumer engagement platform to serve their needs

Smiline Dental Clinics

Smiline Dental Clinics is a renowned dental clinics with world class facility and internationally reputed doctors. Their facility has provision to cater to wide class of dental services from regular dental checkups to cosmetic dentistry and advanced dental surgeries. Smiline wanted to provide comprehensive health plan and wanted their customers to get a rich, friendly experience both in the front desk and during treatment. Smiline wanted to subscribe a wide variety of corporate customers for comprehensive health checkup plan and dental hygiene routines.


Chermas is a iconic institution for retail apparel and products in Hyderabad with over 5 locations. It has created a brand for itself and at t ract s thousands of customers every day. Chermas has created their own factory of artisans who create, manufacture and provide wide variety of apparel to address the needs of its customer. Started by Mr. Pestonji a visionary, clear identity of hardwork, commitment and continuos innovation, started this institution decades ago and grew the service to become symbol of Hyderabad.