Call for Geeks, Cranky heads and restless Mavericks!

  • Our product startup is about to take off.

  • We are now looking to add few more engineering stars to take this product to next level.

  • Architect/Senior developer (J2EE, CRM, Android, Node, Angular. CS background. 5+ yrs exp).

  • Junior Developer (J2EE, ERP, CRM. CS background. 2+ yrs exp).

  • We are willing to pay close to market rate compensation and a reasonable number of shares in the company. And we promise, a hell of a load of work and a continuous do-or-die situation for next 3 yrs.


If you have an "yes" for most of the questions below, we have an opportunity for you….

  • Do you believe you are made for something big?

  • Do you believe that if you are in a company of few more like you, can build something new from scratch and take on this world? Really?

  • Have you created multiple projects in your IDE that have no direct relevance to any of the tasks you are assigned with?

  • Are you the first person in the meeting room to check what's wrong with the projector? And you stay back to figure out the problem even after a work around has been found and the meeting is over?

  • You are one of those who will not call the tech support to fix a problem on your machine until you really messed it up trying to fix it on your own? You bent your back, went under your desk pulling the cables, spoiled your Levi's jeans, got hurt on your knee while doing all that… and more importantly… have no complaints about all that circus.

  • Are you the one who people around are not sure what your job really is… coding? Testing? IT Support?

  • You drive your boss nuts by having an opinion about everything?

  • Are you the one who believes that all the VMs and frameworks should work the way you tell them to do? And believe that you are no subservient to them to limit your imagination?

  • Are you crazy enough to volunteer into a promised hell of long sleepless nights chasing dreams and the romance of startup? High risk high return model!

Do not Apply

Similarly, you do not need to apply if you answer yes to any of the following …

  • You are so excited about your job title or someone else's job title(super duper senior developer, Cool Project Leader, Nirvana Manager, etc..)

  • Your immediate goal is to get that next promotion. Your career plan is made out of titles like I should be "Manager" or a "Vice President" in next 5.723545 yrs.

  • You believe that your dignity is preserved in the well polished shoe you wear and the well formatted business card in your wallet

  • You spent hours negotiating the performance rating your boss has generated randomly as he has no clue about the work you actually did for him/her.

  • You are dumb enough to measure your significance and career growth by the number of people reporting to you.

  • You spent more than 10 milliseconds a day thinking about how to keep your boss happy however dumb-head you believe he/she is

  • Your DNA has been doctored to believe that a process model like CMM has something to do with engineering

  • The last technical book you bought (if at all) was in your college and was with your dad's money

  • You mastered the art of copying the code using google search and making it work without having a rat's ass of understanding of how that code actually works

  • You keep checking the clock to hit 6.00PM everyday to go home

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